Walvis Bay – More birds


Yes, you can see more than Flamingos in Walvis Bay. Like Pelicans!Birds02

And the picture above will give you an idea of how big Pelicans are!Birds03

Reminds me of the flying boats of the 1930’s.Birds04 Birds05 Birds06

And the rest of this post is just pictures. Perhaps someone will comment to tell what kind of birds these are? I don’t know…Birds07

Common tern?Birds08 Birds09

Gull-billed tern?Birds10

Gull-billed tern? Birds11

Kelp Gull?Birds12

Kelp Gull? Birds13

Kelp Gull? Birds14

Kelp Gull? Birds15

Kelp Gull? Birds16

Kelp Gull? Birds17

Kelp Gull? Birds18 Birds19 Birds20

Just another day at the Walvis Bay Lagoon!


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