Wednesday Pizza Lunch – Part 2

Wednesday Pizza Lunches is a DCA concept where all DCA employees are invited to the DCA headquarters for a pizza lunch. Included is food for body but also food for thought.

August 6 – ATCPizza2_01ATC

Anders Ellerstrand talked about the basic principles of Air Traffic Control.

September 17 – Risk Management


Are you willing to take risks? Do you cross the road agaianst red light?


Do you ever cross the road without using the pedestrian crossing?


Adrian Dumsa and Anders Ellerstrand talked about taking risk and about managing risk.


The audience had a lot of thoughts on this subject!

October 8 – The Unsafe Risk Taker 


Adrian Dumsa talked about risk takers at work. How do we deal with “The Unsafe Risk Taker”?


This Pizza Lunch established the expression “orange and purple vest” workers. Which one are you?

October 29 – QSM Top Up


Lillian Stols had a second session on Quality Management…


…with a focus on processes and procedures.

November 26 – Aircraft Design 


Petty Tjitemisa and Maimuna Taal-Ndure talked about the technical background…


…that makes aircraft safe to fly.

December 9 – ICAO


Maimuna Taal-Ndure ended the Pizza Lunches of 2014 by…Pizza2_13ICAO

…reminding us about ICAO and its objectives.

Enjoy the holidays and see you on a Pizza Lunch in 2015!

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