Windhoek Show with Hanna and Agnes

Today I took Hanna and her friend Agnes to the Windhoek Industrial and Agricultural Show (WIAS), more known as just “the Windhoek Show”. The first show was held in 1899 and it is an annual event since 1966. It is the biggest industrial and agricultural exhibition in Namibia, attracting almost 100,000 visitors per year. (Wikipedia)


But we were not here beacuse of our agricultural interests…WS02

…the girls wanted excitement…WS03

…and I think they got it!WS04

A bit higher up now…WS05

…looking rather cool!WS06

In one of the halls we found the “snake man”. Better keep some distance!WS07

Something un-healthy is part of the kit I guess…WS08

…and then more…WS09

…of the fun!WS10

A little bit of shopping and then…WS11

…this BMX street group was giving their show.WS12

High jumps…WS13

…and cool tricks. especially…WS14

…by this guy. His name is Senad Grosic


…born in Croatia but now living in Austria. Above you can see three crazy volunteers…WS17

…who had Grosic doing a somersault above them. Hanna and Agnes were impressed…WS18

…and very happy to get an autograph and this picture taken! A cool, hot Sunday!

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