At work – first part was Area Control

One of the categories in this blog is “At work“. The first task in Namibia was to assist DCA in making ATS able to begin surveillance operations for area control.

Below are links to blog posts written during this first part (click on head-lines, not on photos!):

FIC – “Windhoek Information”

One of the first tasks the team had in Namibia was to assist in the launch of a separate working position for Flight Information Service.

ICAO on the road

A nice weekendtrip to a Fly-in with three other ICAO colleagues.

Fly-In at Rostock Ritz

More on that nice weekend…

First day of training

After months of discussions and preparations we were really glad to actually start training. The first step on the road to make Namibia surveillance controlled.

First NEXT-1 exam

Another milestone…

Training continues

More controllers entering the program…

Second NEXT-1 exam

…and getting their reward…

Third NEXT-1 exam

…well deserved!

Safety Case

The safety case was done by Austro Control. That brings some advantages…

Fourth NEXT-1 exam

Exams continued…

First week on NEXT-2 training

It was great to get into the validation part of the training in October. Namibian airspace in the simulator and time to try out surveillance skills and methods.

Final sprint

At we got to end of November we could feel how everything was falling in place. It looked like we really could reach that goal before Christmas?

First NEXT-2 exam

The first two controllers ready to go alive on surveillance…

Read all about it!

The “Standing Station Instruction” is ready!

Before validation

Training is demanding at the end…

Second NEXT-2 exam

…but the controllers are up to it.

Third NEXT-2 exam

So here is another four.

December 6, 2011

A date to be remembered. A lot of work by a lot of people pays off. We go alive on surveillance Area Control!

Official inauguration

Well worth some excitement, right!?

Last exam 2011

And before a well deserved Christmas leave we finished training for two more…


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