Kolmanskop 11: The Hospital

Of course there had to be a hospital in a wealthy and organised town such as Kolmanskop.

The picture above shows the first hospital in Kolmanskop.

Some of the equipment used is shown in a small room in the “Old Shop”.

Later on the hospital was enlarged to what it is today.

When you enter the building the hospital “feeling” is unmistakable.

This was a very modern hospital in its days.

The hospital in Kolmanskop had the first X-ray machine of the southern hemisphere.

The acquisition of an X-ray machine was not only motivated by concern of the people living in Kolmanskop.

In Kolmanskop an X-ray machine could also be used to detect the smuggling of diamonds.

When Kolmanskop finally was abandoned the machine was sent as a gift to Ovamboland. Very appropriate since it was contract workers from Ovamboland who did all the hard work mining the diamonds.

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  2. Fred Ilse says:

    Does anybody know if there are existing birth records forthis hospital. My father was born there in 1930. Thank you

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