Kolmanskop 12: The Bar

So you build a small town in the desert and bring in 300 Germans.

Of course you need a bar and the building above is supposed to have a past life as the Kolmanskop bar.

Kolmanskop had its own ice factory so here you could get an ice cold beer.

My guess is that you could also buy a fancy drink.

Already in those days a Dry Martini was a classic drink…

…like a Manhattan or a Tom Collins.

A Gin and Tonic might have been too British for the German taste?

If you ordered a Singapore Sling you might very well have been the first to do it – in Namibia.

So I decide for a Mint Julep:

Bartender: -Just put 3 or 4 mint leaves in the glass, add 4 teaspoons of powdered sugar, 3 cl of bourbon whisky and some ice and then fill it up with soda.

But most probably the poor bartender just kept on handing over beer. Even the Jägermeister wasn’t introduced until 1935…

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