Last day in school for Hanna


Above is Hanna with her grade 5 teacher; Mr Barnard…


…and here with her friend Agnes.Hannafinale_03

Today was Hanna’s last school-day…Hannafinale_04

…at St George’s Diocesan School. During the morning assembly…

…the headmaster Dawie Leibbrandt called up Hanna to give her a farewell hug.Hannafinale_06

It is sad to say goodbye and we will miss St George’s a lot. But we are also very glad for our time with St George’s and send our appreciation to all fantastic children, parents, teachers and other staff at this good school. All the best and maybe we come to visit one day…

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2 Responses to Last day in school for Hanna

  1. Lars says:

    Jag hoppas ni får tillfälle att komma åter på ett besök. Det verkar att vara en väldigt fin och trevlig skola.

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