Overnight at Spitzkoppe

Returning from “The Bridge” the sun was getting low…


…and it was time to prepare for dinner…


…and a sundowner.Spitzkoppe_evening03

Fireplace prepared…Spitzkoppe_evening04

…and meat ready.


We had a really nice camping spot with the Spitzkoppe right in front of us…

…as dinner was being served. Nice!

As it got darker the stars got brighter.Spitzkoppe_evening12

This was exactly why we had to do one more Spitzkoppe camping!Spitzkoppe_evening13

Good night!


Next morning up early and climb the rocks behind the Rock Pool. Low clouds…Spitzmorning02

…and a beautiful horizon with the sun just below it.

Soon the first sun rays reached the Spitzkoppe…Spitzmorning04

…and here it comes!Spitzmorning05

Returning to the camp. Only I and…Spitzmorning06

…a few birds awake. When breakfast was ready…Spitzmorning07

…another sunbeam turned up!Spitzmorning08

Toast under way and a bonfire until the sun reached us.


Bye, bye Spitzkoppe, hope to see you again!

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