Last camping – Spitzkoppe

From Swakopmund we drove some 140 km towards Windhoek but turned off before Usakos towards…


…one of our absolute Namibia favourites – Spitzkoppe!Spitzkoppe02

Here are many nice camping spots and we chose one…


…and after setting camp it was really nice to…Spitzkoppe04

…cool off in one of the rock pools. Not bad with an opportunity like this in the Namib desert!Spitzkoppe05

Colorful lizards and…


…a gymnastic daughter…Spitzkoppe07

…inspired by the surroundings…Spitzkoppe08

…and the freedom of this place. (Excuse the poor quality of the last three pictures – all my fault!)Spitzkoppe09

Thanks Pajero – could not have done it without you!Spitzkoppe10

We moved a few hundred metres to this fantastic place. Hanna in a bridge in a bridge…Spitzkoppe11

…and this photo is taken by hundreds before me but I still like it!Spitzkoppe12

Spitzkoppe in the background and another darling in front of it.Spitzkoppe13

And yes – it was actually Valentine’s Day!

That bridge again with the Pondoks behind it and…Spitzkoppe15

…another photo with Marie and a Security guard. They give you an idea of the size of things here.Spitzkoppe16

Unforgettable Spitzkoppe! And we were not done yet…

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4 Responses to Last camping – Spitzkoppe

  1. Lars says:

    Tänker du/ni resa tillbaka till Namibia som turist, vid ett senare tillfälle?

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  3. Wietsa Snyman says:

    Absolutely beautiful as well as the people in the pictures!!

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