Rostock Ritz & Westair Fly In 2013 – Lightweights

Last year I was fortunate to get a very nice ride in this little darling Cheetah:


Mattias was here again this year…Cheetah05

…and approached real well for the first “power-off” landing but…Cheetah06

…although on the spot, the nosewheel did not appreiate that touch-down.Cheetah07

A quick flight to Swakopmund did however solve the problem…Cheetah08

…and soon we saw another nice approach and…Cheetah09

…with a few touchdowns like these Mattias actually secured the overall Victory!

This year I found a different Cheetah on the field…


A taildragger Cheetah! Looks almost a completely different aircraft.Cheetah02

Beautiful old-timer feeling when it’s airborne.


…and it’s even a bit faster than it’s nose-wheel sister.

Another new acquaintance was this baby…


Bush-baby. With that name it must be a perfect aircraft in Namibia. A small Rotax engine gives it the sound of a sewing machine…Bushbaby02

I really like its nice barnstorming feeling…Bushbaby03

Bushbaby04 Bushbaby05

I hope there will be an opportunity for me to fly it some time…

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