Rostock Ritz & Westair Fly In 2013 – Rallye, Maule and Cherokee

Let’s continue the parade. First a Rallye…

Rallye 01 Rallye 02Want more Rallye? Patience! There will be more in a later post…

Here is an odd bird:


OK, the Maule is always something of an odd bird, but this is definitely so…Maule02

…with these shoes! Alaskan Bushwheels works well in the desert as well. Maule03

I guess there are not many places in Namibia where you can not put this bird down?Maule04

Off we go!Maule05

It is not easy not to bounce with those wheels…Maule06

…but you can’t but envy the ones inside. Looks like great fun!


And talking about “looks like great fun”… Guess who could not stay on the ground any longer?PA6_02

Out of competition, but Kücki just had to join…

…making sure we all knew who’s airfield this is…PA6_04

…and doing it in a splendid way…PA6_05

…with a few beautiful landings! That’s the way to go!

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