Windhoek Weekend

Looking back to last weekend. Our Saturday started as it often does…


…on the colorful market at Stefan’s Kirche in Klein Windhoek.Weekend02

Always something to like and buy…Weekend03

From there we took a drive out to Katatura where we found these boys entertained by some game on a laptop. Looking closer I saw them driving a car, frequently looking at the map trying to reach Berlin! I was able to point out where we live in Sweden…Weekend04

We had to go inside as well, to admire these twins.Weekend05

Finding a big, flat and level area in Windhoek is not easy. Obviously you can however also play football on a slanting field…


…and perhaps it even makes the game more interesting?Weekend07

The contrasts are big here. From poverty in Katatura to the luxury… Weekend08

…of a drink on top of Hilton Hotel…Weekend09

…and a nice dinner at Joe’s Beerhouse…Weekend10

…with game on the plate.Weekend11

After Saturday comes Sunday and we drove some 30 kilometers south of Windhoek to Gocheganas. Situated beautifully on top of a hill it has a lot to offer, …


…like a swim in the pool…Weekend13

…for Saga and Hanna…Weekend14

…or spotting animals in the wilderness below. Baboons…Weekend15

…and giraffes were my reward.Weekend16

How many giraffes do you spot? I think they are six…Weekend17

We were also served a nice lunch…Weekend18

…and during our day the ladies dropped off every now and then for activities in the “Wellness Village“.

Well, that finishes my report of a typical Windhoek Weekend…


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3 Responses to Windhoek Weekend

  1. Martin says:

    So nice, it really looks nice and interesting. Back home it is minus degrees and a bit of snow so the contrast is big 🙂 Regards from Malmö ATCC.

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