A day on the rim

Sleeping on the platform outside the cabin is very nice. It is also a bit chilly and the full moon was like a 100W lamp in a bedroom! Waking up is perhaps the best part. You open up your eyes and…


Wow, a new day begins! But Marie is not eager to leave the bed and…DayOnTheRim02

…Hanna and Saga are still asleep…DayOnTheRim03

…so I will have to do this morning walk by myself. DayOnTheRim04

These first moments of the sun rising are magical. Slowly everything changes, colors and shadows, second by second…DayOnTheRim05

There is a nice path to the north, following the rim. DayOnTheRim06

It was a quick walk but with several breaks. Wow, is this a beautiful place!?DayOnTheRim07

With everyone awake and after a good breakfast it was time for another walk, to the south. By now most of the clouds were gone, the sky was blue and the air very clear. DayOnTheRim08

The father…DayOnTheRim09

…the daughter…DayOnTheRim10

…and the mother with “the Landys”.DayOnTheRim11

Swedish Marie and Anders…


…English Jo and Gary…DayOnTheRim13

…and the man from far away, Peter!DayOnTheRim14

My love…DayOnTheRim15

..and another. Hanna stayed at the lodge so Saga had to do the mandatory creation herself.DayOnTheRim16

Well done Saga!DayOnTheRim17

After the walk a few hours were spent reading…DayOnTheRim18

…or just relaxing. This is a good place to let your minds wander away from everyday thoughts. There is something about these surroundings that affects you in a very nice way. Slowing things down…DayOnTheRim19

Me, Peter and the girls ended the day with a sun-downer drive along the rim. The clouds were rolling in and the temperature dropped. We saw a Kudu and two black eagles and with the low sun and the clouds the landscape again changed in appearance….

If you ever get the opportunity to come here – don’t hesitate! It is wonderful!


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