Returning to Fish River

It is almost a year since we last visited Fish River Canyon. We were enchanted then and when I got a chance to buy vouchers at half price there wasn’t much hesitation and a long Easter weekend was a good time to use them.


It is a long drive. With a few breaks it took us some 7 hours.FishRiverReturn02

Some nice 7 hours I may add.FishRiverReturn03

And of course we did catch up the Land Rover. I guess you always will. Unless you are driving a Landy yourself…FishRiverReturn04

Even if you have been here before the view takes your breath away. It is stunning, right!?FishRiverReturn05

The nice Landy people that joined us on our trip. Peter is the ICAO air law expert, Gary is the ICAO aviation security expert and Jo is Gary’s wife.


It was getting late as we took a walk before dinner.FishRiverReturn07

The lodge is located next to the rim of the canyon. Gets no better.FishRiverReturn08

As the sun drops color’s change making everything…FishRiverReturn09

…beautiful in a new way.FishRiverReturn10

It was just another of those African sunsets…FishRiverReturn11

…that I happen to love and it all…FishRiverReturn12

…inspired me to take beds outside…FishRiverReturn13

…for the family to sleep under the full moon. And yes, the nice Landy people were sleeping indoors…


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