Art Exhibition at St George’s College


This evening we went to St George’s College…ArtEx02

…to hear the Art teacher tell us we have hard-working and talented children…ArtEx03

…and to hear the Headmaster talk about the importance of Art.ArtEx04

After the introduction we could enjoy tasty fingerfood…ArtEx05

…and lots and lots of…


…great art by young artists from St George’s College.ArtEx07

One of Saga’s best friends – Angel – was there…ArtEx08

…and she is very talented as you can see.ArtEx09

I love her “Van Gogh” (Angel, is it for sale?) and…ArtEx10

…the sculpture to the right is her’s. It is all about Angel – the fist for her Karate, the Cinese Wall for her family origin and the Nambian sun! To the left is a piece by Saga…ArtEx11

…and I am amazed how she actually managed to put her 2D drawing into a 3D sculpture.ArtEx12

Here Saga, with teacher and Marie, looking at…ArtEx13

…some of Sagas work this year.ArtEx14

Black and white, face and hair, but also…ArtEx15

…flowers in beautiful colours.ArtEx16

Faces credible as if they were photographs…ArtEx17

…and something more imaginative. Alice in Wonderland?ArtEx18

Finally Monet á la Saga. This whole week the exhibition is available each day until mid afternoon. Don’t miss it!

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