Okapuka Sunday


Sunday and still some hunger for game. If you are in Windhoek driving 30 km north will solve it. Okapuka!0706_03

This Crocodile is huge!


Thanks for the invitation, but no thanks!0706_07

For a while we thought we would see him go for a meal, but luckily we didn’t.0706_12

Blue Wildebeest0706_13

White Rhinoceros0706_14

A bit closer0706_18

Cape Starling on the back of a Rhino



Laughing Eland0706_24


Flying (!) Kori Bustard


Black Wildebeest0706_30

Sable Antelope0706_32

Rare and expensive. These three probably represents close to two million Nam-dollars. I hope you enjoyed the short version of our Okapuka visit. We enjoyed the long one!


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