Bagatelle Night Drive

Second evening at Bagatelle and after dinner; we went on a night game drive. There was a full moon and our driver had a powerful search-light.


Above a nest with Sociable Weavers. These nests are the largest built by any bird. Birds keep on building on the nest for generations and a large nest like the one on the picture can house over a hundred pairs of birds. While we watched there was a constant sound of birds.


It was our first nightly game drive. We saw the animals we were used to see, like the Ostrich above. We were told that the full moon wasn’t an advantage. It was too bright for some of the nocturnal animals to be out but…

…we did see this Bat-eared Fox! It is an animal that lives by eating insects. It is nocturnal only in the summer and diurnal during the winter.Nightdrive04

With the full moon it was possible to take photos even without the search-light. It was a very warm and bright night…Nightdrive05

…and we could even spot this Giraffe without the search-light.Nightdrive06

Does a Giraffe sleep? Does it sleep lying down?Nightdrive07

Well, it seems that occasionally a Giraffe does lie down to sleep but only for very short times. The Giraffes we saw were all up and even eating.Nightdrive08

A Kudu cow…Nightdrive09

…a Kori Bustard…Nightdrive10

…and an Aardwolf! The Aardwolf is another insect eater and it is in the same family as the Hyena. It is nocturnal and we had not seen one before.Nightdrive11

Above and below is a Cape Fox. It is nocturnal and most active just after dusk and before dawn.


Above is the Cape Fox in a chat with an Oryx. The Cape Fox is an omnivore but I don’t think the Oryx was too worried…Nightdrive13

…because even these Oryx calves are too big for the Cape Fox.

This night game drive was a new and fun experience!

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