Botswana in 9 days – No 6; South Gate to Xakanaxa

We woke up at Southgate Camp in the company of Horn Bills. I expected Elephants and Lions to cross the camp during the night but was disappointed. I hadn’t heard a sound…


…and I was even up at least twice during the night, going to the loo. Not a sound and not a sighting. Bad luck!Botswana6_02

But Peter woke up in the night and saw a big male Lion walking straight through and between the tents. Lucky him!Botswana6_03

After breakfast and packing we took off for Xakanaxa. The road was dry and only 45 km but it still took us two and a half hours…Botswana6_04

…with a few Elephant sightings along the road but not much else.Botswana6_05

Arriving at Xakanaxa we found similar nice buildings as at South Gate. Here the house had another feature though. A Marula tree and that in its turn attracted something you may be able to spot?Botswana6_06

We quickly had the tents (notice the roof-tent on the Honda!) up and…Botswana6_07

…the fire burning at two places.Botswana6_08

Me not being too well and resting a lot gave Saga the opportunity to  show her most handy and helpful sides.Botswana6_09

The sunset beautiful of course…Botswana6_10

…and we had a nice dinner under a star-adorned sky.Botswana6_11

Can you find the Southern Cross and the Pointers? And determine South? The light at the horizon, bottom left is the Moon on its way up.Botswana6_12

The Moon destroys some of the possibilities of star photography but the night sky is still beautiful…Botswana6_13

…and we enjoyed the stars, the fireplace and the very nice company for a long time before it was finally bedtime.

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