Caracal walk at N/a’an ku sê

Up early one Tuesday. Driving west of Windhoek with a temperature of 5 below zero!0708_01 Rewarded on arrival with a great breakfast. N/a’an ku sê!0708_02

Driving in the cold…0708_03

…and  putting the young ones on a backie.0708_04

Arriving – and who is in the  cage?0708_05

This young pretty female – a Caracal!0708_06

We were out  at N/a’an ku sê to take a cool walk with a Caracal.0708_07

She loved it, was very aware of her possibilities…0708_08

…and soon caught a bird in flight. She  came back to show us and then it disappeared – not a feather was left. 0708_10

And there was more. A jump over a hassock and…


…she came back with a mouse that was soon totally gone.

0708_15 Maybe we think it is cruel but it is also fantastic to be able to be out in a nature with a small carnivore…0708_18

…like  the Caracal. A beautiful and very capable hunter.

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