Carnivore feeding tour

After being up close with Cheetahs we went on another tour – the Carnivore feeding tour.


First stop was with two Leopards. They have been living in this enclosure almost all of their life and became quite tame.But today they are too big and much too dangerous for activities like the one we did with the Cheetahs.Carnivore02

So we stayed outside the fence and watched them enjoy their supper.Carnivore03

Our guide then brought us back to friends we left shortly before.Carnivore04

This time we stayed outside the fence. The experience was very different…Carnivore05

…and I got the feeling these Cheetahs had suddenly turned into dangerous animals.

I think Stefan was reflecting over the difference from being inside to being outside…


Were we really in there patting them just an hour ago?


Next stop was with the Baboons.Carnivore09

You see them all over Namibia but they are rather shy. Here you have a chance to really see them.Carnivore10

Next to the baboons we met the Caracals. They were not very interested in us. Eva had to crawl into the bushes…


…to say hello to this little lady.Carnivore11

The Wild Dogs are very special animals. This day they made a show for us.Carnivore12

Nice to see them run like this.Carnivore13

Wild Dogs are an endangered specie. I want them to survive but I don’t think I want to meet a pack of them not surrounded by a fence.Carnivore14

Last stop were with the lions. Yes they are in a fence, but looking at the fence and looking at…Carnivore15

…that huge male lion made me doubt about how safe this encounter was. This male weighs something like 350 kg. When our guide threw in the piece of meat…Carnivore16

…and that lion moved those 350 kg two meters up in the air I was both impressed, filled with respect and a little bit afraid…Carnivore17

Bye lions and bye N/a’an ku se. Hope to see you soon again…

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