Carnivores at N/a’an ku sê

The last part of our day “behind the scenes” was a tour to meet some of the carnivores at N/a’an ku sê.


First we visited the African Wild Dogs…0708_080

…fascinating and scary animals…0708_082

…that today are very rare in Namibia. From the Wild Dogs…0708_083

…to Cheetah!0708_085

Three tame Cheetahs – Kiki, Aiko and Aisha – live here in a large enclosure. We first met the male -Aiko!0708_088

It is a very special opportunity…0708_092

…to come this close… 0708_094

…to this fascinating animal and…0708_101

…hear him purring with pleasure.


We also met a female, Kiki and…0708_103

…spent some time with her before it was time to end this fantastic day. Thanks a lot Marlice and N/a’an ku sê!

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