Eland on Bagatelle


Eland is not an antelope you see too often in Namibia. Eland02

At Bagatelle there is a group of Eland that frequently comes really close to the lodge giving you excellent close-up photography opportunities.Eland03

Apart from the “giant Eland” found futrther north in  Africa this is the largest antelope in the world. A big male can be 1,6 metres at the shoulders and weigh close to 1,000 kg.


Here we even saw a one-month old baby Eland. Eland05

Eland is the slowest antelope, capable of running with a peak speed of 40 km/h. They can however maintain half that speed for a very long time.


They may be slow runners but are very capable jumpers,able to jump up to 2.5 metres from a standing start.


Eland is a very dignified animal and I am always happy to see it.

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