Etosha in Christmas

Early morning the day before Christmas…


Into Etosha and first finding was this giraffe.2403

There has been a few early rains and they gave us this beautiful background colour for the zebras.2404

But the rain also makes waterholes less interesting for the animals.2405

Luckily we saw animals “everywhere” so we could also care less for the waterholes.2406

Kori Bustard – the heaviest living animal capable of flight!


Even heavier, but not capable of flight is the Ostrich.2408

An avid runner though!2410

A reminder that Etosha is not a Zoo. It’s for real!2411

A Tawny Hawk? No – Tawny Eagle! (Thanks Marcia…)2413


Lappet-faced Vulture?


Blue Wildebeest2420

A new generation

As fast as mum…2424

A four-ship of…


…Black-faced Impala 2427

A lot of cars standing still is usually a good sign!2429

Sleeping beauty…2431

…and her Prince!2432

Yes, you are looking at me and I am grateful being in my car.2436

Oryx or Gemsbok2438


More pretty babies…2442

Thanks for adjusting to my picture format!2444

Hartebeest, named because the horns are heart-shaped…


…but look at that klove!

Visiting Etosha in the rainy season is supposed to be a bad choice but we were very happy with the hours here!

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