Kaokoland 9 – Rooidrom to Etaambura


After a short break at Rooidrom, we continued. We had another 35 km to go.Etaambura02

The mountain pass after Rooidrom takes some negotiation…Etaambura03

…so the 35 km’s took us a while…Etaambura04

…but with views like these it was well spent time.Etaambura05

We reached Onjuva, our destination, turned into a small road climbing up a hill and found this!Etaambura06

Etaambura Lodge is a beautiful self-catering lodge. A local Himba girl, Kaku, had prepared everything for us and was giving perfect assistance during our stay. Etaambura07

It was amazing to find such a place here. Absolutely stunning!


This is the chalet where Saga and Hanna stayed.Etaambura09

The rooms are pure luxury in the middle of nowhere!Etaambura10

View from the deck in front of our bedroom. We settled in but there was time for one more excursion this day so Chris, me and Johan went off…

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