Mount Etjo Game Drive

I went on an afternoon game drive while visiting Mount Etjo Safari Lodge.


I believe we see a Lappet-faced vulture above…MountEtjoGame_02

…and here is a Damara Dik-Dik.MountEtjoGame_03


Roan antelopeMountEtjoGame_05

White RhinoMountEtjoGame_06

These two magnificent Rhinos…MountEtjoGame_07

…came quite close to the car. Excellent photo opportunities so after these photos I walked back to the car…MountEtjoGame_08

…and gave the camera to our driver and guide. MountEtjoGame_09

A beautiful Giraffe in late afternoon sun-light.MountEtjoGame_10

A kind face with enormous curious eyes.

Black Wildebeest. Almost always on the run.MountEtjoGame_12



Tortoise. Namibia is supposed to have a lot of these and several species but I have only seen this kind and only a few times.MountEtjoGame_15

A vulture? It was getting dark…MountEtjoGame_16

…and this may be the perfect end to a late afternoon game drive?

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