Mount Etjo Safari Lodge Lake


From the garden of Mount Etjo Safari Lodge you have a nice view over a lake and behind it is Mount Etjo.EtjoWaterhole_02

This lake is the home of Hippos…

…and they come up on land to get food.EtjoWaterhole_04

On our first day we saw this lovely family with their baby. Very cute!EtjoWaterhole_05

There are also other animals, like these Water Bucks.EtjoWaterhole_06

But most fun is of course to sit and watch…

…these fantastic animals. It is nice to see them on land but…EtjoWaterhole_08

…they do prefer being in water…EtjoWaterhole_09

…almost invisible with just eyes and ears above the surface…EtjoWaterhole_10

…and they seem to like the company of others.EtjoWaterhole_11

Above these fascinating animals is a constant flow of passing Geese…


…with interesting landing circuits.EtjoWaterhole_13

More birds; the Great White Pelican…EtjoWaterhole_14

Grey Heron I guess, and…


Just landing is… I believe…EtjoWaterhole_16

…also a Grey Heron.EtjoWaterhole_17

Marabou stork…EtjoWaterhole_18

…and a Flower! It was really nice sitting and walking in this garden for two days – with so much to see.

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