Northeast Day 4c – Chobe River cruise 2

During our boat trip on the Chobe River we saw…


…a lot of elephants on the shore.ChobeElephant02

On the left side of the picture above you see one elephant deep in the river.

The river is so deep that the elephants totally disappear, diving through the water with just the trunk occasionally visible for air.ChobeElephant04

It was fantastic seeing these huge animals in the water…ChobeElephant05

…crossing the Chobe River from Botswana to Namibia…ChobeElephant06

…while we were cruising next to them, only a few meters away.ChobeElephant07

We have often been warned of elephants…ChobeElephant08

…and we were not sure of how safe this was but…ChobeElephant09

…we hoped Skipper Roy knew what he was doing. And there was something about seeing the mood of the elephants…ChobeElephant10

…by its ears. Aaagh! ChobeElephant11

No, it was fine. And one after the other the elephants crossed the river to the other side.ChobeElephant12

We returned to the elephants that stayed on the shore. Our guide told us this was the breeding herd ith a huge bull and several cows with…ChobeElephant13

..the cutest babies. ChobeElephant14

If you want to see elephants…ChobeElephant15

…Botswana and Chobe is the place to go!

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