Northeast Day 4d – Chobe Game Drive


Chobe became a game reserve in 1960 and it was in 1967 upgraded to be Botswanas first National Park. Today it is Botswanas second largest National Park and covers more than 10 000 sq km. It is divided into four parts. One of these is “Chobe River Front” that we had seen from the river and was now to see from the land side with a lot of animals…


…like our friends the African Buffalo…ChobeGame03

…and the Nile Crocodile.ChobeGame04

Fancy a piece of Swedish Chocolate? This is the Marabou Stork.ChobeGame05

Everyone likes the river. And the crocodiles like that everyone likes the river..?ChobeGame06

Three very handsome young Sable Antelope bulls.ChobeGame07

A young velvet monkey…ChobeGame08

…and a baboon with her baby.ChobeGame09

Elephants everywhere…

…and a few giraffes.ChobeGame11

A warthog…


…and a Black-backed Jackal.ChobeGame13

The Water Bucks are easy to recognize from this angle.ChobeGame14

We even found a lioness in a deep slumber.ChobeGame15

A Tawny Hawk (no, I don’t mean “Tony Hawk”!)…ChobeGame16

A Lilac-breasted Roller?ChobeGame17

A vulture of some kind. White-backed?ChobeGame18

Saga gave her thumbs-up for the drive so it was time to end this most comprehensive day…ChobeGame19

…which we did at Kwalape Safari Lodge with…ChobeGame20

…a nice dinner and an early night to prepare us for Day 5!


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