The old DCA location

Namibia gained its independence from South Africa in 1990.


With assistance from Sweden (SIDA) the Ministry of Works and Transport and the Directorate of Civil Aviation was created. I think DCA started in a small building at Eros airport and later moved into the Ministry.

Above is the DCA Headquarters at Roedolf Hertzog Street in Windhoek. I think DCA moved here in the early 2000’s.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

DCA was established as the regulatory authority responsible for safety oversight but was also providing Air Navigation Services and Meteorological services as well as managing airports.


In the early years Namibia DCA was supported by an ICAO Expert, Mr Morris. He was British but had worked many years in Jamaica. In Namibia he got the role of an overall aviation advisor. Among other tasks he assisted with the Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreements with neighbouring countries.


DCA, late 1990’s. From left…

Back: Oscar Amupala, Wallace Mloki, Rodney Theron, Herman Jonas, Louis Lorens, Jochen Sell, Jochen Sell, Ericksson Nengola, Andy Anderson
Middle: Raphael Simalumba, Lizelle Roussow, Veronica Shende, Augustine Mgohagulema, Gretar Oskarsson, Chrissy Meroro, Mwangi Kamau, Fred Mabonga, Joe Shipepe
Front: Anna-Marie van Wyk, Joey Bothma, Bethuel Mujetenga, Eli Meyer, Larry Makanza, Edwina Swartz


In 2006 ICAO performed a CSA Audit of Namibia. It was found that there were only two inspectors for an aviation industry with 569 registered aircraft, 29 air operators, and 32 approved maintenance organisations. Above is the parking area with the Director’s building in the background and to the right the building for Personnel Licensing.


After the audit Namibia was put on the ICAO Audit Result Research Board (ARRB) observation list and in 2008 An ICAO assistance mission was sent to Namibia with a team of five experts. The two lower buildings in the background held offices for Flight Operations. To the right a larger building for AirWorthiness.


In 2010 a project document was signed for ICAO assistance to DCA and in March 2011, Namibia was removed from ICAO ARRB list following ICAO work with Correction Action Plans. Above the western part of the DCA area. From left; the building with the open door had offices for legal staff, then a storage building and the reception.


In the background part of the board room. The picture is from the farewell party of Ben Hallberg. DCA06c

Picture above from the first staff meeting after Ms Paulo came back as the acting Director in the beginning of 2013.DCA07

At the end of 2013 the DCA Headquarters were relocated to the Southport building at the corner of Hosea Kutako Drive and Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue. The old DCA area became a demolition site.DCA08

The old buildings were taken apart…DCA09

…and what used to be the Directorate of Civil Aviation…


…is today an empty place. But it is also being turned into a construction site where the future will start forming soon.

I will continue with more posts. There will be a few memories and pictures of the past. If you find that my text contains errors – please let me know!

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    Good progress report given for historical purposes. Very important.

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