Rostock FlyIn 2012 – Cheetah flying

The Cheetah is a Microlight from Rainbow Aircraft, manufactured in South Africa. Last year Peter had a flight in a Cheetah. This year Matthias had promised me a flight.

So with me in the right seat we were soon airborne…

..heading west towards the Kuiseb Canyon. Matthias let me take the stick for a while and it felt really good. It’s been a while. The Cheetah is a short aeroplane which affects the way it behaves but at least I managed to keep us in the air. Flying over this landscape is like flying over another planet…

…where no life managed to survive. But if you look closely you will see small puddles of water. Enough for survival.

In this seemingly endless landscape with no traces of human life two german scientists survived for 2,5 years. To avoid being put in a internment camp during the second World War Henno Martin and Hermann Kamp decided to hide in the Namib Desert.

During these years they lived in a cave in the Canyon in a life rather close to a bushmans life a thousand years ago.

If you want to know more, try and find the book “The sheltering desert”.

It is fascinating floating over this landscape knowing that 70 years ago two germans were hiding in the Canyon below us.

I wonder how long I would survive down there.

But let those thoughts go and just look at that landscape!

If you look closer the landscape is actually full of life. We saw lots of zebras like those above, springbok, oryx…

..and ostrich. Somehow they manage to survive in this desert.

Luckily there are places like the Rostock Ritz above to help me survive (and in great comfort) during my visit in the Namib Desert.

A low fly-by to let everybody know we returned…

..and a perfect “on-the-spot” landing. Thanks so much Matthias for the flight. I enjoyed it a lot!



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