Spitzkoppe – 1. The old granite mountains

Spitzkoppe is a group of granite peaks that you can see if you drive the B2 between Windhoek and Swakopmund. If you leave B2 30 km west of Usakos and follow the road another 30 km you are there. The picture below shows Spitzkoppe from the north.

Above you find Spitzkoppe to the right (west) rising 1784 meters above the sea level and about 700 meters above he surrounding desert. To the left (east) is “Pondoks”. These granite mountains are more than 700  million years old. The area is about 7 km from east to west and 4,5 km from north to south. Panorama picture.

Spitzkoppe from the south. There are lots of things to do and see in this area. We only had time for a few. There are a lot of nice camping spots around the area but they don’t have water. Near the reception you can find water, flushing toilets and a few bungalows.

A visit starts at the reception. The whole area is run by the Damara community and we got a professional and friendly welcome. You pay a small fee and get a map of the area. You can hire a guide but we went in without one.

The rocks look unusual. We thought they looked like giant pieces of doe to make Christmas ginger cookies… From the reception you can go to the left to find the “Natural Bridge” that you will find on all Spitzkoppe photos or you can go to the right to find “Bushman’s Paradise“. We went right but first stopped for a lunch…

…and to give the driver his well deserved beer…

Aaah! Now I’m ready for the climb!

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