Spitzkoppe – 4. Small Bushman Paradise

On our way from “the Natural Bridge” we saw a sign saying “Small Bushman Paradise” so we stopped. Close to the road is a rock shelter.

The rock wall has several rock paintings although most rather faded, probably because of vandalism by tourists. Water, touching and the dust from people walking in front of the paintings all are believed to destroy the paintings.

These peoples strange posture can be showing their tranforming to animals during dances.

Nice Rhino!

A lion?

Namibia and South Africa are full of rock art sites. They have many similarities and are all thought to be part of the same cultural traditions. It is also thought that these paintings had a strong social importance. Equality was an important aspect of the hunter-gatherer form of life and the paintings are thought to emphasize that. As pastoralism was introduced ownership was also introduced and from that came a life-form without equality and the rock painting era ended.

The paintings we found in Erongo and in the Spitzkoppe area made us more curious of the next stop on our journey – Brandberg.

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