To the south – Day 5a – Bagatelle game drive

Up with the sun…


…to meet a bitter cold morning! 0704_05

I think this Lilac-breasted Roller agreed. Brrr…0704_08

Bagatelle ranch is located in an area with long parallell red sand dunes and in the “valleys” between them is Bushman and Silk grass. Above an Oryx/Gemsbok…0704_10

…a female Ostrich…0704_11

…a herd of fast-running Red Hartebeast…0704_15

…and above a beautiful couple of Secretary Birds.0704_18

There are only six giraffes in the area and we were happy when we found them.0704_20

Two males fighting with long and strong necks.0704_21

You can never see to many of these fantastic animals.0704_24

Springbok in the dry grass…0704_26

…and a picture showing the red Kalahari dunes and a grass valley.0704_29

Guess what “track” this is! 0704_31

It’s a spider trap!0704_38

Running Oryx…0704_40

…and a herd of Blue Wildebeest.0704_45

More Oryx…0704_47

…and more Blue Wildebeest.0704_48

A Kudu bull will be the final picture from this good game drive.


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2 Responses to To the south – Day 5a – Bagatelle game drive

  1. Anna Sternfeldt says:

    I can’t understand why you dont’t hear more about Namibia. To me it looks just astonishing.

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