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We visitied Kaokoland in April 2013. This is a trip that needs to be well planned and you would not want to drive alone. We were four cars and brought a lot of water, spare parts for the car, two spare wheels per car and so on…

Kaokoland 1 – via Opuwo to Epupa


Opuwo is the classic “gateway” to Kaokoland and from Opuwo we continued to the Epupa falls. This part of the trip can be done in an ordinary sedan car.

Kaokoland 2 – the Himba village


While at Epupa Falls we got the opportunity to visit a traditional Himba village. A very nice experience!

Kaokoland 3 – the Epupa Falls


The Epupa falls are magical!

Kaokoland 4 – from Epupa to Van Zyl’s


After the turn-off at Okangwati you need a 4WD with proper ground clearance. As we got closer to Van Zyl’s Pass there was some quite difficult driving.

Kaokoland 5 – Van Zyl’s Pass Part I


So – it was time for this notorious pass. We were very cautious…

Kaokoland 6 – Van Zyl’s Pass Part II


As we continued we also had time to admire the amazing views this “road” offers but there was also some truly challenging driving!

Kaokoland 7 – Marienfluss north to Kunene


After the pass we soon came to the Marienfluss. So beautiful!

Kaokoland 8 – Marienfluss south to Rooidrom


Driving Marienfluss back again was also an unforgettable experience.

Kaokoland 9 – Rooidrom to Etaambura

Etaambura.jpgMore scenic driving with fantastic Etaambura as the goal.

Kaokoland 10 – Marble Mine


It’s hard to believe – but it’s here!

Kaokoland 11 – Etaambura to Purros


This part exceeded all expectations. The views on this stretch…

Kaokoland 12 – Purros Camp Site


Great camping in an interesting environment.

Kaokoland 13 – Landys along Hoarusib River


Day trip along the river…

Kaokoland 14 – Evening drive in Purros


Low sun, views and a few birds…

Kaokoland 15 – the final


The end of the trip and finally – Desert Elephants!

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