A journey home

Wednesday was last day in Namibia. A lot to do…


…like seeing an old friend driving away. Good-bye Pajero and enjoy Rundu!Hemresa_02

A quick but very pleasant visit to really good friends. Good-bye Herman and Lilian!Hemresa_03

The last visit at BNC. More on that in a separate post later.Hemresa_04

And after a long day with last-minute packing and cleaning the house long-time friend Peter managed to fit us and a lot of luggage in his beloved Landy. Thanks Peter, hope to see you in Sweden soon!Hemresa_05

Hanna enjoyed the business lounge before…Hemresa_06

…it was time for boarding…Hemresa_07

…and a relaxing drink in Air Namibia Business Class. Hemresa_08

After our dinner we passed a magnificent thunderstorm…Hemresa_09

…and enjoyed a fantastic spectacle in the skies over mid-Africa.Hemresa_10

We woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the Mediterranean…Hemresa_11

…and soon landed in Frankfurt to change flight for the last hop to Copenhagen.Hemresa_12

As we taxied out I thought of being back in Europe with a fully functioning aviation system and with regulatory compliant air traffic control. With all parts of the system at a high standard, the aviation safety levels in northern Europe are of world class.Hemresa_13

Scandinavian safety as we passed the bridge that joins Denmark and Sweden.Hemresa_14

In Copenhagen everything went smooth. We even managed to get on the train and to endure the trip on railway to…Hemresa_15

…our home town and our house. Sweden welcomed us with a beautiful spring day with a warming sun…Hemresa_16

…bushes in bloom…Hemresa_17

…fantastic purple crocus…Hemresa_18

…and a pot with flowers in Swedish colours!

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