BNC – the last visit

Last day in Namibia and just enough time for a last vist to BNC


All classes were busy and I walked around…BNC_last_02

…finding dedicated teachers…BNC_last_03

…and attentive children…BNC_last_04

…although me peeking in caused some interruption.BNC_last_05

There are kids in different ages…BNC_last_06

…all getting this fantastic possibility for after-school assistance. BNC_last_07

Although many people are involved; it is this woman holding it together and making it happen. Marybeth is “BNC – providing hope through education“.BNC_last_08

Providing hope of course cost money and there is always a need for support.

On my last visit I was able to hand over an envelope with money donated by Åsa, Birgitta and Anna – friends from Sweden. Thanks a lot!BNC_last_10

This money will be used for all these small important things like pens…BNC_last_11

…and papers and bread and spread for meals to the children. And much more.BNC_last_12

Other things also cost. My daughter Saga has been involved in a project at school that she named “Bracelet for change”. She made and sold bracelets to collect money aimed at making it possible to…BNC_last_13

…repair this broken toilet. This day I was able to give BNC the result – 3,000 Swedish Crowns that became 4,300 Namibian dollars. Marybeth told me this will not only pay to repair the toilet but also…BNC_last_14

…make it possible to make a proper repair of this sink and more things as well.BNC_last_15

This is how happy Marybeth and the kids were. Thanks all of you who donates money or who bought a bracelet from Saga.

Next week my colleague Rob will go to BNC to hand over more money. As I left Namibia my colleagues collected money for a farewell gift to me. I asked that my farewell gift is turned into a gift to BNC instead. Thanks ICAO colleagues!

Marybeth and all other staff at BNC; keep up your fantastic work! You make a difference!

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