Air Namibia AMO Certificate

It was December 5 2014 and a very special day for a group of people.

The Namibian Civil Aviation Regulations, 2001 stipulates in its Part 145:

No organisation shall certify for release to service an aircraft used, or intended to be used, in flight operations, except under the authority of, and in accordance with the provisions of, an aircraft maintenance organisation approval issued under this Part.”

For some time now Air Namibia has been involved in a re-certification process to receive a new AMO (Approved Maintenance Organization) certificate. This is a 5-phased process:

1. Pre-application Phase

During this phase an Airworthiness Inspector from the Directorate of Civil Aviation was assigned Air Namibia to describe, follow and assist with the process.

2. Formal Application Phase

During this phase Air Namibia put together all the manuals, contracts and other documents that were needed for the formal application. This is where Air Namibia was “telling what it will do“.


3. Document Compliance Phase

During this phase the DCA was actively reviewing all the manuals, documents and proposed records for acceptability.


4. Demonstration and Inspection Phase

During this phase, the DCA Inspectors visited Air Namibia to inspect facilities, technical documents, equipment and training, The DCA inspectors participated in actual demonstration of Air Namibia capability. This is where Air Namibia proved that “we are actually doing what we told you” (in Phase 2).


5. Certification Phase

The final phase was the one in which the DCA completed their paperwork and issuance of approvals, including the Operations Specifications and the AMO Certificate. This is called the Certification Phase and ended at 5 December when Air Namibia became a re-certified “Approved Maintenance Organization” (AMO).

This process has been full of hard work and good intentions within Air Namibia as well as within the DCA. Congratulations to you all!

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