Botswana in 9 days – No 4b; leaving the Delta


Everything was packed and it was time to leave our small island and our home for the last two nights. It was a wonderful day, sun shining…Botswana4b_02

…the water crystal clear, the Water Lillys beautiful and…Botswana4b_03

…the sky magnificent and doubling up in the water reflections.Botswana4b_04

It was a slow trip…Botswana4b_05

…and Hanna had another gift from Jerry as we returned to the Mokoro station.Botswana4b_06

We had all been going in glass-fibre Mokoros but now we had a chance to try the original wooden version. I tried (got just a little wet…) and…Botswana4b_07

…Saga had a go as…Botswana4b_08

…did Marie, taking long trips like she was borne on the river and…Botswana4b_09

…Peter also tried it, doing really well for a time, until…Botswana4b_10

…it was time to walk back!Botswana4b_11

We had a long nice rest, talking with our new friends until…Botswana4b_12

…it was time for the last part on motor-boat back to Maun. This part is great for bird-watching and we saw…Botswana4b_13

…what I think is the Grey Heron…Botswana4b_14

…here spreading its beautiful wings.Botswana4b_15

The African Fish Eagle. The female bird is larger than the male and I think it is a female above, because of the pattern on the back.Botswana4b_16

This should be the Pied Kingfisher.Botswana4b_17

Reed cormorants…Botswana4b_18

…were seen frequently, but…Botswana4b_19

…this one is more of a rare bird. I’m not sure but believe it is a Water Thick-Knee, also called Dikkop. It is normally seen and heard night-time and it was very well camouflaged so I think we were lucky to see it.Botswana4b_20

We were almost two hours in the boat and a bit tired as we arrived to…Botswana4b_21

…Old Bridge Backpackers Lodge where the drink tasted excellent…Botswana4b_22

…as did the dinner. We were looking back at three fantastic days in the Okavango Delta. I recommend anyone to do the same if you get the opportunity!

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