Botswana in 9 days – No 4a; Hippo Walk


The moon was going down as we woke up on our last day on the island. That night we had heard the sound of Hippos close to the camp.Botswana4a_02

We headed off against the sun and towards the other side of the island.


Another beautiful morning…Botswana4a_04

…and we were soon there. In front of us the “Hippo Pool”. During the night the Hippos are up grazing and you hear their distinctive sound. Daytime they return to the water.Botswana4a_05

We were not too close and they do not show much of their big bodies but they were Hippos…Botswana4a_06

…and we did see them! During the night they had probably been rather close to the campsite.Botswana4a_07

But there was more to be seen and we saw…Botswana4a_08

…this pretty herd of Zebras and…Botswana4a_09

…as we walked back towards the camp we saw…Botswana4a_10

..this foot print. Lion! A few days old but proof of them being around.Botswana4a_11

Back in camp this bird showed some interest in us. In Botswana you find nine species of Kingfishers. This is…Botswana4a_12

..the Woodland Kingfisher.Botswana4a_13

Amongst the reeds were lots of Dragonflies and when you come close…Botswana4a_14

…they are quite beautiful.Botswana4a_15

One last lunch on the island and time to pack ur things.Botswana4a_16

As everything was packed we had a last chance of testing the Mokoros. (Me and Hanna went for another swim amongst the Hippos and Crocs…)

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