Evening Shade and Omaruru

It was the last day of February, Friday afternoon – let’s go!


A few hours drive brought us to Omaruru, and an old acquaintance – Evening Shade!Omaruru_002

A drink after the drive, sitting in one of the nice rooms at Evening Shade…Omaruru_003

…and then we were lucky. Dinner was served! Here are Marie and Tim…Omaruru_004

…Maria, Jude and Multi-talented Chris Johnston who made delicious food for us. We totally enjoyed the evening.Omaruru_005

Morning walk in  pleasant Omaruru…Omaruru_006

…where the staff of Omaruru Slagtery are up early even on a Saturday morning.Omaruru_007

I was glad to find that “the Lindholm house” recently got protection from the rain and sun.Omaruru_008

A sudden “Hallo Anders!” and Alex, a DCA colleague turned up with his family!Omaruru_009

A quick visit to buy a cold six-pack for use later that day.Omaruru_010

It is an old-fashioned town, but also a town that changes as time changes.Omaruru_011

Early walkers waving to the photograper.Omaruru_012

A fine breakfast ended our Omaruru visit. Time to hit the road…

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