Information from ICAO in Namibia


Thursday 19 February and a presentation on PBN – Performance based Navigation.PBN_CAA_02

Rob Grant from ICAO is in Namibia to assist with the implementation of PBN. The presentation attracted mostly a number of staff from air operators. It was sad to see that only one representative from Air Navigation Services turned up.PBN_CAA_03

Rob described the road forward…PBN_CAA_04

…and what is expected to be implemented in Namibia. Most interesting and promising!PBN_CAA_05

After Rob’s presentation, Tom Grant took over. Tom is also from ICAO and is in Namibia to assist with setting up a project to move from NDCA (Namibia Directorate of Civil Aviation) to NCAA (Namibia Civil Aviation Authority).PBN_CAA_06

The basis of this transformation are International requirements and the need to modernise the Civil Aviation legislation.PBN_CAA_07

Tom gave a brief introduction to what is the expected outcome of the change…PBN_CAA_08

…and also informed of the current status. It actually seems likely that the new Aviation Act will be implemented soon!PBN_CAA_09

Toms presentation ended with questions from the audience. There are high expectations but also some worries. Expect more information on the progress of both PBN and CAA implementation in the near future!

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