To the south – Day 5b – Bagatelle horse riding

We  – I, Marie, Saga and Hanna – were convinced that we could try horseriding without previous experience, so…

…after a 3-minute lesson we were ready to go…0704_66

…out into the Kalahari dunes.0704_67

We passed Björn, Dan and Amanda. They were on their feet with San (Bushmen) guides.

Looks fairly controlled?0704_71

It was actually very, very nice seeing this piece of nature from the horseback…0704_73

…and Hanna enjoyed it a lot!0704_75

The family on horses.0704_76

Hanna and her cowboy.


It was time to leave lovely Bagatelle and our five days on the southern roads of Namibia. Fun and exciting and I do believe we will see Bagatelle again!

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3 Responses to To the south – Day 5b – Bagatelle horse riding

  1. Anna Sternfeldt says:

    You are brave, never been on a horse before!

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