Best Namibian Children


BNC = Best Namibian Children. That’s nice and creative but it is actually; BNC = Bernard Nordcamp Centre.


In 2005 MaryBeth Gallagher (you see her in blue in the door opening above) took over the lead at the Bernard Nordkamp Centre (BNC). Father Bernhard Nordkamp came to Namibia in 1986. He spent fifteen fifteen years of dedicated service to the children of Katutura; the settlement in north-eastern Windhoek.


Father Bernard passed away in 2009 and the centre today is a lasting symbol of his love and concern for under-privileged children. BIMGP6673

What’s in a name?BIMGP6678

Today the prime focus of the BNC Namibia is to provide a balanced educational programme with emphasis on Mathematics and English, which supports and supplements the Namibian school curriculum.


This girl is writing a letter of gratitude to her sponsor. Sponsors support children with school uniforms, school equipment, clothes, toys, food and other things.


The children are proud to say that they are going to the BNC as it does not mean anymore to be poor and silly but in contrary to…


…be well educated, well behaved and to look forward to a future with lots of opportunities! BIMGP6685

The girls above used to go to BNC but are now too old. Still they come here because BNC is a safe place to be and a place where you can get a small meal.BIMGP6697

The BNC library. Books and reading are very important!BIMGP6704

Can you see what this is?


It is a football stadium!BIMGP6725

The best gift for a child is education.BIMGP6732

My oldest daughter Saga is working with a school Project in Sweden…BIMGP6736

…aiming at collecting money for the school and its children.BIMGP6739

Best Namibian Children!BIMGP6740

Are you willing to support BNC? Here are ways of doing it!

If you are from Sweden you can contact me and for a few more weeks I am able to assist in transferring money with no transfer or exchange cost. Every Swedish Crown will be put in use at the school. Write a comment below or send a mail to anders at ellerstrand dot se. Even a hundred Swedish crowns will make a difference!

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6 Responses to Best Namibian Children

  1. Alina says:

    Vad fint med ett helt inlägg tillägnat skolan.
    Och att Saga lyckats väva in det i ett gymnasieprojekt, perfekt!
    Massa kramar från mig, hälsa alla

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  6. EMILIA DAVID says:

    i have kindergartens that i established 2015, omungwelume, Onawa, oshinyadila, oshikango, omatando no.1, i need support to build toilet rooms and to provide kids with breakfast. +264815842809, registration number at ministry of trade, D/2015/5027 banking details ; BANK WINDHOEK OSHAAKATI 8005008861

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