Kaokoland 14 – Evening drive in Purros

After exploring the Hoarusib River  we relaxed…


…with some wine and “Swedish Biltong” in the form of dried rain-deer. However, we wanted to see those elusive desert elephants so a few of us took of again in Chris’s Landy.PurrosEve02

It was a strange evening and these Ostriches were almost spooky.PurrosEve03

The low sun and the dry dust in the air created a magical light.PurrosEve04

It was most beautiful, but we…

…were out to find those elephants. They must surely be down there somewhere…PurrosEve06

…and they probably were but the only animal we could find was this Springbok.PurrosEve07

We left the river-bed and drove up a hill to get an over-view.PurrosEve08P

You can click on the picture above to share my 300 degree view. I did not find the elephants. Do you?PurrosEve09

It was quickly getting dark so we returned to the camp. Time for a braii!PurrosEve10

The next day we were going to split the group so it was kind of a farewell evening under the African sky and the Milky Way.PurrosEve11

Time flew as we solved the problems of the world. Such a nice evening!

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