Kolmanskop 4: Bookkeepers house

Next to the Directors house is the house of the “Buchhalter”, the bookkeeper. Handling the finances obviously put you second in rank.

This house is not in as good condition as the directors house. Part of the roof is missing.

But it is a magnificent house.

The construction over the window is still a protection against the sun, but there is no longer anyone to protect…

There are no longer in the windows and someone started to cover the windows with boards.

A beautiful entrance, with wrought iron banisters.

Sand on the floor but the jugend style walls are still there.

This imported wallpaper must have been very expensive.

The kitchen where once delicious meals were prepared.

A slot to hand out food or drinks to the servants?

The second floor has a sign saying it is to be renovated. I like the idea of preserving the buildings and the town.

Decay can be very attractive but if it continues there will one day not even be decay left…

Metal rusts even in a dry desert.

By the way, just found out this was post No 200 on this blog!

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