N/a’an ku sê behind the scenes

The Caracal walk was the first part of our “Behind the Scenes Tour” on N/a’an ku sê. 0708_019

We also met the Wildlife Biologist, Stu from Scotland, who had a lot of interesting information about human-wildlife conflict and on how to manage it. 0708_020

Our host and guide for the day was Marlice, the Naankuse Foundation founder. Her heart is big enough for all the animals here. A recent addition is this baby Aardvark. 

Very cute! It is a nocturnal feeder, living on ants and termites and common in the southern African countries.0708_027

We visited young baboons…


…and within seconds…

…we had them all over us…0708_041

…like we’ve been friends all our life.0708_042

Marlice took care of the naughtiest of them.0708_052

It was actually great fun!0708_065

We met this female Ostrich walking with us for a while…0708_067

…saw this beautiful Cape Starling and…

0708_070 …met this very pretty African skunk…0708_072

…before visiting these kids…

0708_074 …at the “Clever Cubs School”…

0708_076 …with a colourful and pedagogic interior! We were having a very nice day and it was not over yet! Let’s go to the Carnivores!

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  1. Anna Sternfeldt says:

    Amazing! What incredible things you experience.

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