Northeast Day 2c – Kavango boat cruise

From the Mbunza Living Museum we drove just a few hundred meters to join a boat cruise on the Kavango River.


It was a beautiful evening to be on the river.Kavango02

The Kavango River lends its name to a whole region and its people.Kavango03

The river is very important for people on both sides. Here is a family washing clothes on the Angolan side.Kavango04

The River is a source of water, a means of transport and a source for food.Kavango05

But it is also a dangerous place…Kavango06

…and every year an average of 10 people are killed by the crocodiles of Kavango.Kavango07

The Kavango can however also be very beautiful…Kavango08

…and we experienced a magic sunset…Kavango09

…and beautiful twilight… Kavango10

…that evening on the Kavango river.

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