Northeast Day 7 – Rundu to Ovisume

Day 7 on our trip to the north-east was just a travel day. We were going from Rundu to the farm Ovisume southeast of Grootfontein. I went up early and took a walk down to the Kavango River.


Mornings are almost always a good time of the day for a walk…

…but I was not alone. These men were fetching water from the river.Rundu_Ovisume03

After breakfast and packing we went into the market place in Rundu. Lots of handmade tools…Rundu_Ovisume04

…beautiful baskets…Rundu_Ovisume05

…and weapons! We did some shopping and then started our journey…Rundu_Ovisume06

…with lots of interesting encounters…Rundu_Ovisume07

…and road-side shops. Yes we bought one of these. Rundu_Ovisume08

Reaching Ovisume we were greeted by these Oryx…Rundu_Ovisume09

…and a beautiful sunset. Rundu_Ovisume10

A braii to make a dinner…Rundu_Ovisume11

…and after dinner some story-telling around the fireside.Rundu_Ovisume12

Ovisume is a very nice place to be. Looking south and you can see the “southern Cross” in the sky…

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