Rhythmic Gymnastics

Here are posts on Hanna’s “career” in Rhythmic Gymnastics in Namibia (click on head-lines, not on photos!):

Rhythmic Gymnastics National Championships – Group Dance


Hanna’s first national competition – group dance

Rhythmic Gymnastics National Championships – Level 1


Hanna’s first national competition – Level 1

Windhoek Rhythmic Club – Year End


Club show and rewards for 2013

To Tsumeb


Driving to Tsumeb for competitions

Tsumeb Qualifying Competition


Hanna did well in Tsumeb and I think she learned a lot

2nd Qualifying Competition


Competing in the new “Blue Hall” in Windhoek

Windhoek Rhythmic Club Competition Level 1-3


Club competition with Hanna in level 2…

Walvis Bay Nationals – Level 1


Hanna competed in level 1 last year

National competitions at the coast – Level 2


Now this was Hanna’s level!

Walvis Bay Nationals – Level 3


Friends of Hanna were in level 3

Walvis Bay Nationals – Group dance


Hanna also competed in group dance where she was the lead in her group

Walvis Bay Nationals – Level 6 and 7


More advance dancers – one in Hanna’s school class!

Walvis Bay Nationals – High performance


They are really talented!

WRC Year End


A show and rewards for 2014!

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7 Responses to Rhythmic Gymnastics

  1. Wietsa Snyman says:

    I will never forget this gymnast. Hanna Peterson Always in love with the sport

  2. Hej Anders, my name is Johanna im from Namibia and now staying in Boxholm Sweden. I’m married to a Swedish, I would like to ask when you were in Namibia was your daughter learning Swedish in school , we have a soon 5 year old son and we are soon going back to Namibia we will stay there for few months, and I would like my son to continue learning Swedish so he can’t forget, I can speak basic Swedish I’m currently studying SFI for 6 months now.

    • Anders says:

      Hi Johanna,
      We moved to Namibia 2011 when my daughters were 7 and 13 and we returned 2015. My daughters were of course already fluent in Swedish and we did speak Swedish at home (more and more mixed with English though…). My oldest daughter studied Swedish as distance-learning (grade 9) during her last year, which made it possible for her to continue studying Swedish as an A-language in Swedish high-school/gymnasium. This seems to be available only from grade 6. https://www.skolverket.se/skolformer/utbildning-utomlands/svensk-utbildning-i-utlandet/distansundervisning We used Sofia Distans: http://www.sofiadistans.nu/

      In the old days Omaruru was a Swedish-speaking town but unfortunately those days are long gone. Today, I don’t think you will find any Swedish teaching in any Namibian school. Perhaps you can find a Swedish person who could give extra lessons? Here is another possibility but check how much it will cost! It is from 6 years old: http://www.svenskadistans.se/

      Good luck!

  3. Aprilia says:

    May my childern join this team?

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