Rostock Ritz & Westair Fly In 2013 – Cessna 170

This is my final post from my weekend at Rostock Ritz. I will dedicate it to this beauty:



It’s an old Cessna 170b restored to mint condition.C170_02

During that Saturday I could admire it taking off…C170_03

…and touching down. Perfect!C170_04

The Cessna 170 was built between 1948 and 1956. V5-DPP was built that last year of production in 1956.C170_05

This is the Cessna 170b that came in 1952.C170_06

Interior.C170_07 C170_08 C170_09 C170_10

As the sun got lower we just kept on enjoying the sight of this beauty…C170_11

C170_12 C170_13 C170_14

So good night Cessna 170b and thanks Rostock Ritz and Westair for this fine weekend!

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